If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, treatment will be a multi-faceted approach involving a variety of evidence-based therapies. The very first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. 

In this article, you’ll learn which steps you can take to receive the treatment you need for a healthy life and long term recovery.

Steps to Recovery

Step 1. Admitting You Are Addicted

Admitting there is a problem can take years. For many people, they must first reach an all-time low in their life in order to see that their drug addiction and/or alcohol use is a problem. By admitting you have a drug or alcohol addiction, you are then able to move forward along the path of recovery and receive the support needed.

Step 2. Entering Into a Treatment Program

Once you are ready to seek help for your addiction, our team of addiction specialists at Harmony Outpatient will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the best level of care to fit your needs. Our treatment center programs can also address any behavioral health concerns and co-occurring disorders.

We offer three types of addiction programs which vary slightly depending on the severity of addiction:

Outpatient Program

A general outpatient program requires patients to participate in various therapies on-site a few days per week, for a few hours each day, but there is flexibility available with those days and times. The purpose of this type of program is to help patients improve their mental state through various individual and group therapies (including therapy with family members), among other therapies, while still maintaining their work and daily responsibilities. 

The following individuals might benefit from a general outpatient program:

  • Patients who are in the early stages of alcohol or drug addiction with mild substance use disorder
  • Patients looking to continue their follow-up treatment after leaving residential or inpatient treatment
  • Patients who have a supportive group of friends, family, and relatives
  • Patients who cannot afford inpatient treatment programs
  • Patients who are self-motivated and willing to make changes in their lives

Intensive Outpatient Program

An Intensive Outpatient Program, also known as an IOP is much more rigorous compared to a general outpatient program. Patients who participate in IOP are required to attend a variety of therapies multiple times per week, for multiple hours, including (but not limited to) group therapies and individual therapies.

The following individuals might benefit from IOP:

  • Those who are newly sober
  • Those who are not at immediate risk of relapse
  • Those with reliable transportation to and from the facility

Partial Hospitalization Program

Partial Hospitalizations Programs (PHPs) are a type of outpatient care that requires individuals to attend in-person therapies at the facility up to six hours per day, for up to seven days per week. PHPs are ideal for individuals who are very early in their recovery process and/or who need mental health services throughout the day. 

Someone might be eligible for our PHP offering if they:

  • Require a medical detox
  • Have documentation to show a medical diagnosis and treatment history
  • Are not at risk of self-harm
  • Are emotionally, physically, and psychologically stable and therefore do not need overnight hospitalization
  • Are able to attend group and individual outpatient therapy for several hours a day for several weeks

Drug and Alcohol Detox

A managed detox process is often the first part of entering into a treatment program. This helps the body remove any drugs so that patients can begin treatment in a healthy state. The most intense symptoms during detox will typically last one week and while symptoms can be uncomfortable, our team is there to ensure you have a safe detox.

Medication can be provided if needed to help reduce the withdrawal effects. 

Step 3. Joining an Aftercare Program

An aftercare program is for individuals who have completed an outpatient program and is designed to help them continue with their sobriety in a supportive environment using integrative treatment practices.

Our aftercare program provides patients with resources, support, and tools to continue living a sober life while transitioning from treatment programs to a more typical daily routine. 

Get Help For Your Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Our team of compassionate professionals at Harmony Outpatient provides expert care to help you make the changes you need to pursue life-long sobriety. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about substance abuse treatment programs, medical detox, finding treatment options near you, health insurance, and payment options. 

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