girl wanting a social life after rehab

Some of the bravest people are those who went to rehab. Not only were they brave enough to admit they had a problem, but they were brave enough to get help. It’s a major success for you to have finally risen above your drug or alcohol dependency. A new life awaits you. You can start all over again with a clean slate once you’re out of rehab.

While rehab helped you safely detox and gave you a peaceful environment to reflect, the road to recovery doesn’t stop there. Once you’re back in the real world, it’s important that you rebuild your life. It’s best if you redefine your inner circle so you can commit to the process of recovery. Here are some ways to rebuild your social life on your way to a bright future filled with genuine happiness.

Relapse Prevention Plan

It’s one thing to become sober, but it’s quite another to stay sober. We bet you’ve seen those who have been in and out of rehab. While inside, they managed to rise above their dependency. But when they go back outside, their commitment to sobriety is sorely tested. The key to staying sober is to have a well-thought-out plan in place to prevent relapsing. Below are some of the things you might want to consider:

● Know your triggers and avoid or manage them
● Establish healthy eating habits
● Maintain a consistent sleep schedule
● Learn how to control your stress levels
● Stay active, physically and socially
● Establish a strong support network of family, close friends, and counselors

Redefining Social Group

The next thing you should do is redefine your inner circle. Surround yourself with people who will help you stay on track when it comes to your sobriety. Your peers or the crowd you used to hang out with before you ended up in rehab may have played a part in getting you hooked on alcohol and drugs. Now that you’ve finally gotten clean, it’s time you reconsidered the company you keep, as well as your surroundings. You need to establish the kind of peer group that will have a positive influence on your life.

You can also expand your circle to include people who are equally determined to stay sober. Being alone and lonely might cause you to relapse, so spending time with other like-minded individuals can also help. You can probably find them at the following places:

12-step meetings – This entails meeting the same small group of people on a regular basis.

Sober or dry bars – These are bars that aren’t crowded but are frequented by people who have also been in rehab.

Sober activities – There are countless sober activities out there such as fishing, skiing, mountain biking, rock climbing, marathons, hiking, and many more. You can also attend therapeutic concerts or visit art venues for therapy.

Host your own sober party – If all else fails, then you can host a sober party yourself. Invite positive people and enjoy sober, fun activities.

Living a Life in Sobriety

Finally, you can start your life in sobriety. Life can be beautiful, but only if you spend it with the right people. There’s more to life than alcohol and drugs. Savor everything the world has to offer by making a conscious effort to keep going in the right direction, away from drugs and alcohol!