Aftercare Programs for Substance Abuse

When working to treat drug abuse and other addictions, aftercare is one of the most critical components of a comprehensive treatment process. By developing an aftercare program plan with a treatment provider in early recovery, you can ensure that you still have available continued treatment options and coping strategies for success. Aftercare treatment programs for substance abuse can help.

An effective aftercare treatment program provides addiction treatment patients with the motivation and support they need to remain clean in their recovery process even after leaving a PHP program or fully outpatient treatment programs. Depending on whether you are recovering from an alcohol addiction or substance addiction, your addiction aftercare programs may look different.

We judge the success of our work by how patients are years after treatment, not just on their positive experience throughout our program. At Harmony Healing Center we take great pride in providing the most exceptional aftercare to our patients and do everything we can to ensure that our patients leave with the tools, resources, and support they need to keep their addiction a thing of the past.

While our world-class substance abuse treatment helps prepare our patients for addiction-free life, challenges in regular daily life will always remain. Our extensive aftercare program is specifically designed to help our patients continue with their progress in a supportive environment using integrative treatment practices.

Here are a few vital components of the aftercare our treatment facility provides:

Support Groups

At Harmony Healing Center, we host various support groups and group therapy for our past patients who can stop by for additional support during times of particularly strong temptation. These mutual support groups offer a strong sense of community for those who have successfully battled addiction and can be a powerful way to stay on track. Some examples of support groups include Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other recovery meetings.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

Our addiction treatment team works tirelessly to make ourselves accessible for past patients who are needing specific relapse prevention skills to ensure long-term success. We provide in-depth resources and training on substance abuse that can be used in the real world to prevent potential relapse.

Additional Medical Treatment

Depending on our patient’s specific situation, we offer a wide range of medication options that can help assist with the benefits of addiction treatment. In many cases, our aftercare program includes this medical treatment for those who fit the criteria. Our medical treatment team can work with your insurance provider to find ongoing support for any medical conditions you may have to help avoid medical emergencies related to substance abuse.

Additional Resource Location

We have a team dedicated to helping our past patients find the aftercare services they need to not only succeed in remaining addiction-free but succeed in other areas of their life. Whether helping a recent patient find a new home or recommendations for a new career path, we are always there to point them in the right direction.

For past patients struggling with mental health issues, we can provide referrals for counseling sessions in individual and group therapy to help address a mental health disorder, lack of coping skills and to prevent relapse.

Transitional Living Accommodations

We also provide our patients with the option of outpatient programs and treatment facilities that continue to provide additional structure for sober living while our patients work through their specific aftercare program. For patients not ready to go back to their previous environment, transitional living, such as a sober living home, can be extremely beneficial.

We know that even with the help of a treatment program, returning to a regular way of life after substance abuse is not always easy. We’ve designed our addiction aftercare programs to help ensure our patients remain sober and addiction-free while having a successful recovery experience.

If you or a loved one is seeking addiction treatment options, give our treatment facility a call today. Our health care providers would be happy to learn more about your situation and give you a private and convenient solution to help get you the addiction treatment services you need!