It’s common to feel alone in your substance abuse and addiction journey. While millions of Americans struggle with addiction, it can leave you feeling isolated and alone. If you struggle with mental health disorders or substance abuse disorders, now is the right time to seek treatment. 

Finding addiction treatment services can be an overwhelming and stressful process, but Harmony Outpatient rehab center works with you to find a confidential and convenient solution to best fit your treatment center needs. Whether you are local to Millburn, NJ, or are coming from far away, our team can help you get the treatment you need.

Do I Need Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

If you’re exploring treatment options, you may be wondering if you really need addiction treatment. It’s never too early or too late to begin addiction and mental health treatment. Substance addiction can quickly become a deadly medical emergency if not treated early. 

Here are some signs that addiction treatment services may be a good next step for you and your mental health.

Reasons for Needing Addiction Recovery Treatment

  • Isolating yourself from friends and family to use it in privacy. You may isolate your usage enough that friends and family are not truly aware of your addiction. 
  • Getting into financial trouble or assuming large amounts of debt to purchase illicit drugs and alcohol. 
  • Losing your job, family, property, and other relationships due to substance abuse.
  • Hiding your substance abuse from others. Becoming extremely angry and confrontational when asked about your usage habits. 
  • Feeling extreme feelings of shame and guilt when using. 
  • Experiencing withdrawal symptoms as soon as your high wears off, or needing to soothe mental health problems or illness by using drugs and alcohol.
  • Seeking drug and alcohol addiction services, but backing out for the fear of detoxing and withdrawal from drug abuse.

What Does Partial Hospitalization Treatment Look Like?

Partial hospitalization programs, or PHP programs, were originally created as “day hospitals” in the 1960’s to deal with severe mental health services and disorders. In the 1980’s the name changed to PHP, which became a popular treatment program in the 1990’s. 

If you’re exploring treatment timelines, PHP is considered a continuum of care between residential treatment programs and fully outpatient treatment programs. These programs are usually for a set amount of time in a hospital or medical-like treatment center. 

Criteria for PHP Eligibility

  • A medical diagnosis along with prior treatment history.
  • Stable mental health and physical health that does not require 24/7 monitoring by health care professionals. 
  • No risk of self-harm or harm to others. 
  • Additional detox services or relapse support is needed that cannot be provided in-home. 
  • Stable mental state to receive multiple hours per week of activity and programming. 

The PHP program utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to treatment, and can include psychiatrists, therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, behavioral health workers, licensed clinical social workers, pharmacists, and peer support workers, and educational services. 

For those that no longer need fully residential treatments, but do not want to return home, or where home may cause a relapse, this option may benefit you. After you have completed residential programming and have moved to PHP, you may be able to explore the next steps of intensive outpatient programs and fully outpatient treatment.

Mental Health Services and Substance Abuse Treatment

Oftentimes, mental illness and substance abuse go hand in hand. Sometimes the adverse consequences of using drugs and alcohol can lead to mental health problems like anxiety, major depression, and PTSD. 

However, if you struggle with bipolar disorder, eating disorders, or other mental disorders in addition to addiction, you may find that treatment can help you work through those issues. 

Often, you can receive therapy for your substance use and any mental illnesses you may be struggling with. This can be done through individual therapy, behavioral therapy, group support therapy, and other activities. Usually, these programs are called dual diagnosis programs and allow you to get the support you need to simultaneously recover from both disorders.

Get Treatment With Harmony Outpatient

Drug and alcohol addiction can be consuming, but Harmony Outpatient offers a way for you to break free of substance abuse and live the life you deserve. We know that seeking substance abuse treatment programs for the first time can be scary, so we work to make the process simple for you. through our professional care and treatment practices. 

Our Service Offerings 

For addiction treatment, we offer partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient treatment, and a standard outpatient track. Our treatment providers can work with you to find the best treatment options and create individualized recovery treatment plans. 

Whether you live within miles of Millburn or come from further away, long-term recovery and substance abuse treatment is within your reach! Contact us today at Harmony Healing Center