If you or someone you know is experiencing alcohol addiction, it’s important to explore addiction treatment services that understand the challenges you are facing and offer compassionate support that prioritizes long-term sobriety. Our team at Harmony Outpatient is prepared to guide you in the process of understanding alcohol rehab and provide you with the resources so you can get started on your journey to recovery. 

If you have any questions about alcohol-related addiction rehab or what to expect in our treatment programs; contact us! Or, read on to learn more about our alcohol rehab program near Mendham Township and how Harmony Outpatient offers support for the journey ahead.

What to Expect During Alcohol Rehab 

Being prepared and informed is a critical part of addiction recovery! While everyone experiences addiction differently, here are the answers to your questions about what to expect when attending a treatment program that prioritizes sustainable recovery:

Will I Have to Go through Detox?

Detoxification is necessary for anyone looking to undergo substance abuse treatment. Drug and alcohol detoxification (detox) refers to the process of your body naturally clearing out addictive substances to acclimate to a life free of drugs and alcohol. During detox, patients often experience withdrawal symptoms as the body attempts to adjust to sobriety. 

These symptoms are manageable for some and extremely painful for others. A common side effect during detoxification is increased cravings for drugs or alcohol, putting patients at a higher risk of relapse or other adverse consequences. Medical detox is always recommended to avoid or mitigate the risk of experiencing a medical emergency during this process and to help reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms and prevent relapse.

What are your Treatment Programs Like?

After detox, patients typically pursue additional treatment for substance abuse to get to the core issue of substance abuse and understand why an individual experienced addiction in the first place. Alcohol addiction treatment programs are designed to provide safe and nurturing environments where patients can learn the tools and strategies they need to live a life free of alcohol and drugs.

During rehab, patients have access to various physical and mental healthcare services tailored to their unique needs and goals for recovery. During this time patients learn coping mechanisms and strategies for healthy living. As patients progress through the program, they gradually regain independence, which can help them to better acclimate to stressors and triggers in the real world while maintaining their long-term sobriety.

What Level of Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment is Right for Me?

For those who want some degree of independence but still need structure and support, partial hospitalization programs (PHPs) can be an effective treatment option. PHPs are a good fit for clients who are further along in their recovery journey or who have less severe addiction issues. As part of a partial hospitalization program, patients attend therapy at a treatment center for several hours a day but return home to sleep in their beds at night. As such, PHPs can often be a more affordable and convenient solution, offering patients more flexibility at lower costs.

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) is an option for patients who still need assistance from addiction specialists, therapists, and other individuals in recovery but are beginning to exercise a higher degree of responsibility and freedom. IOPs require clients to attend treatment at a rehab center a few hours a day for three to five days per week. This level of treatment is similar to PHPs but with less time spent in treatment.

Outpatient rehab is generally the lowest level of care, requiring individuals to attend treatment only once or twice a week. This level of care is often well-suited for patients who are further along in their recovery journeys but still need support to live healthy and sober lives. It is generally not recommended for those who need both addiction treatment and help with managing any co-occurring disorders.

Unsure which program is the best fit for your needs? No need to worry, our team of addiction specialists is here to help you make the right decisions on the level of care for your specific needs.

Taking the Next Steps: Alcohol Rehab at Harmony Outpatient

If you have additional questions about alcohol rehab near Mendham County and how we support individuals on their journey to sobriety, reach out! 

We can help you verify your insurance coverage and help you get the answers you need to make the best decision for your sobriety goals. We look forward to speaking with you soon!