Congratulations! You have taken the first big step in your drug and alcohol addiction treatment by beginning to learn about your opportunities for long-term and sustainable recovery. By reaching out for help, you have begun your journey toward a sober life.

The next step is making sure you have a plan for how to pay for substance abuse treatment. At Harmony Outpatient, we are committed to giving you compassionate care, no matter your financial situation! That’s why we work with a variety of health insurance providers to ensure the financial burden does not prevent you from getting the care you need. Thanks to health insurance coverage from United Healthcare, you can easily choose an in-network treatment program at our center that best meets your needs.

What is United Healthcare?

United Healthcare, also known as UnitedHealth Group, is the biggest health insurance provider in the United States. United Healthcare plans are available in all 50 states and 130 countries throughout the world. Your healthcare coverage is in good hands if you have a United Healthcare insurance plan, and is accepted at our addiction treatment facility.

Because United Healthcare takes substance abuse and addiction treatment very seriously, they offer substance abuse treatment coverage. However, your out-of-pocket costs can vary based on where you live, specific United Healthcare plans, and whether your preferred treatment provider is in-network or out-of-network. Because of this, we recommend contacting your insurance provider directly to understand what level of care your plan provides.

What is Included in United Healthcare Substance Abuse Treatment?

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, United Healthcare insurance coverage includes the following substance abuse treatment options:

Your United Healthcare insurance benefits are guaranteed to cover some of the costs of outpatient and inpatient treatment. However, reaching out to United Healthcare directly can be most helpful to ensure your insurance coverage.

If you have spoken with our addiction specialists and found a treatment program that meets your needs, rest assured that we accept United Healthcare insurance! Additionally, our team at Harmony Outpatient is happy to help guide you through your insurance benefits. With one click on our website, you can verify your insurance and are one step closer to developing your addiction recovery health plan.

United HealthCare for Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Outpatient addiction treatment services offered at Harmony Outpatient provide an ideal level of care for any individual continuing their journey to sobriety and are covered by United Healthcare Insurance coverage. This means you can receive the high-quality professional care Harmony Outpatient’s services offer, without the full financial burden. For many individuals, this financial relief is crucial for encouraging them to receive the help they need.

With the help of options like our partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient programs, you can receive quality support from addiction specialists at the outpatient level of care. Speak with our team to determine if our outpatient treatment program is right for you and your journey to recovery.

The Harmony Outpatient Difference

At Harmony Outpatient, all of our outpatient treatment services are designed to fit the needs of each individual’s personal battle with addiction. Through our focus on outpatient addiction treatment, you can commit to your family and professional life, all while receiving addiction treatment services you need to create a brighter and healthier future.

Want to learn more about how Harmony Outpatient could be right for you? Talk to one of our addiction specialists to start your recovery journey today!