If you’re struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, then it’s important to know what options for treatment are covered under your health insurance plan. We know that working with insurance providers can be challenging, but we are dedicated to supporting you throughout the process so that the financial burden is never a reason that you do not get the support you need when it comes to receiving treatment for substance abuse.

 At Harmony Outpatient, we work directly with your Health Net insurance plan so that you can be confident you’ll get the care and support you need during recovery. While insurance coverage differs from plan to plan, our team works directly with Health Net coverage to ensure that you are receiving the quality care you need without the cost. 

What is Health Net?

Health Net is a healthcare insurance provider with coverage that is accepted at our addiction treatment center for a variety of our outpatient services. Health Net is known for providing affordable care and coverage plans for a variety of individuals and families, including those who rely on Medicare and Medicaid. This insurance coverage provides a sustainable way for those struggling with addiction to get the professional help they need.

What Does My Health Net Insurance Cover?

Health Net offers coverage for both drug and alcohol addiction treatment at Harmony Outpatient. Our addiction specialists will work directly with you to help you determine the level of care that is most beneficial for your needs, and how your Health Net coverage can play a role in relieving the financial burden of treatment.

Health Net rehab coverage for alcohol and drug addiction treatment will likely vary depending on what plan you have, which providers are in-network, and your deductibles. Because of these variables,  it’s important to make sure that you understand what your plan does and does not cover. For example, some insurance plans only cover residential treatment for a specific length of time, while other insurance plans through Health Net Rehab will only cover less expensive outpatient treatment options.

You can easily verify your insurance benefits at Harmony Outpatient online, so you are familiar with what your insurance covers, and to help you determine what treatment option will make the most sense for your specific needs.

Mental Health Services for Addiction with Health Net

As part of your Health Net insurance plan, you should have coverage for mental health services in addition to coverage that provides for drug rehab and alcohol rehab at a professional facility such as Harmony Outpatient. Mental and behavioral health treatment is an important aspect of healing and is oftentimes a critical part of a long-term recovery strategy, so it is important to understand the level of mental health care that your Health Net insurance provides.

Treatment facilities such as Harmony Outpatient integrate behavioral therapy into their treatment plans, but for many individuals struggling to overcome addiction, it can be beneficial to know that their insurance plan will cover additional mental health care visits, even after their time in rehab has come to an end. 

Contact Us Today at Harmony Outpatient

We know that working with insurance companies can be a hassle, so we are here to help. Our addiction specialists are skilled at interpreting your insurance coverage benefits and identifying treatment programs that fit your unique needs and goals for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. 

At Harmony Healing Center, we can provide you with information on treatment options available to you, including intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and outpatient programs. Reach out today to get started on your recovery journey.