If you’re looking for drug or alcohol addiction treatment programs and have questions or concerns, you are not alone. From choosing facilities, determining programs, and figuring out financing, it is easy to get anxious.

Harmony Healing Center works hard to ensure that finding addiction treatment services is simple. We aim to find a personalized solution for you and work with your insurance company to ensure you are covered.

Contact us today to take the first steps in your drug and alcohol rehab journey. Proper substance use treatment is within your reach.

Understanding Your Insurance Plan

If you’re new to insurance or are trying to better understand your plan, there are a few key terms to keep in mind to understand your insurance coverage. Usually, your insurance provider will provide information and explain these to you when you enroll in a plan.

However, here are some of the most important insurance terms to know.

Key Insurance Terms

  • Deductible: This is the amount of money you will have to pay out of your own pocket each year before the insurance begins to cover. Usually, these reset yearly.
  • Copayment: Your copay is often the set amount of money you will have to pay for a specific purpose. 
  • Premium: This is the monthly cost of your insurance plan that you pay for. 
  • Coinsurance: This is usually the percentage you’ll pay out of pocket compared to what insurance will cover.

About ComPsych Insurance

ComPsych is a major insurance and is currently one of the world’s largest providers of employee assistance programs for the workplace. ComPsych covers around 60,000 companies and over 130 million individual employees, as well as their loved ones. The program is in the United States as well as 190 other countries.

ComPsych offers the GuidanceResources platform, a free resource for all covered employees to explore all free and available resources in their area. They also offer free 24/7 text and phone lines for crisis incident services regarding mental health. 

Understanding ComPsych Employee Assistance Programs

If you have never heard of Employee Assistance Programs, you may be confused about what ComPsych insurance covers. These programs, also called EAPs, are utilized by companies to improve employee retention, support positive change, and help employees dealing with significant mental health issues.

An EAP is entirely free to the employee, as the upfront costs are paid entirely by the employer upon enrollment.

EAPs offer various services, including financial and legal counseling, budget coaching, personal training, family services, mental health counseling, and substance addiction counseling and treatment. 

There are different types of EAP models. Depending on the type of model your company offers, you may have different choices regarding counseling and treatment. 

Types of EAPs

In-House: Also called internal EAPs, these often include in-company counseling services with a hired company therapist.

External Programs: These often involve sending the employee out for their services, usually to approved network providers.

Blended Programs: These can include a mix of in-house services and external referrals.

Peer-Based: These programs involve sending employees to peer groups or connecting them to peer mentors. These programs are not often standalone and are usually combined with another type of EAP. 

How Do I Use an EAP?

You may be confused on how to use an EAP program if you have never tried it before. Usually, your employer will provide you with a phone number or contact to the EAP program. You can reach out to the provider of employee assistance to begin the intake process. 

From there, you will likely be instructed on what type of EAP your company uses and what resources are available to you. Likely, you will have to use one of the in-network providers that your EAP supports in order to receive the full coverage offered.

If your company contracts their EAP through ComPsych, you can visit their website to see a full list of in-network providers available to you. 

ComPsych Substance Abuse Treatment

After the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2014, health insurance providers cannot deny coverage or charge additional premium fees for pre-existing conditions. 

Due to the mental health care and substance abuse treatment services needed to treat addiction, health insurance companies are required to classify substance use disorders as pre-existing conditions.

Compsych Mental Health Care Coverage

Generally, your ComPsych insurance policy will usually cover some combination of drug and alcohol addiction treatment, depending on your ComPsych insurance plan level:

  • Medical detox services including medication-assisted treatment and medication management
  • Inpatient treatment or residential rehab
  • Partial hospitalization programs
  • Intensive outpatient treatment programs
  • Sober living and other continuing care after-discharge options
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for other mental health conditions in addition to substance abuse
  • Behavioral health programs

Outpatient Treatment with Harmony Outpatient

Harmony Healing Center’s treatment facility works with you to find the best outpatient plan for your alcohol or drug abuse and addiction treatment center needs. 

Our treatment centers offer partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and a standard outpatient track.

Our treatment providers can work with you to find the best substance abuse treatment options and create individualized recovery treatment plans.

Treatment costs should not deter you from the drug and alcohol abuse recovery services you deserve!

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Substance use addiction treatment is within your reach! If you are looking for rehabs that accept Compsych insurance, contact us today at Harmony Healing Center. You can verify your insurance carrier through our online form here.