family doing therapy in rehab

Life is not always sunshine and rainbows, as we all have our good and bad times. The rehab process will require you to go to spend the majority of your time in a facility for weeks at a time, which means that you may have to leave your loved ones behind. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can take care of your loved ones when you’re going through rehab.

Can I Talk to My Family While I’m in Rehab?
The first thing to understand is that you will always have a way to contact your family and relatives while you’re in rehab – it’s not a prison. The goal for these programs is to make sure that you leave better than when you went in, which means that they will do their best to ensure that your condition improves. If you need to contact your family during the process, they may give you a specific time in a day to do so and that one phone call may give you all the motivation to get better.

Child Care Options for Those in Rehab
If you’re a parent going through rehab, you should know that there are childcare programs that can help to take care of your children. However, if your facility doesn’t have one or if you’re an inpatient, the best solution may be to leave your children with your spouse or trusted relatives instead.

If they are unable to help with your childcare needs, you may need to leave your kids with a daycare and come pick them up afterward. Many government programs will help to care for your children while you’re going through rehab, so you should not feel bad about leaving your kid with them while trying to get better.

Make Sure Your Child Understands What’s Going on
It’s crucial that you discuss with your children about the situation so that they know where you are going and why you have to leave them for the day. It would be best if you let them know that you are doing it to become a better person for yourself and them as well.

It would help if you educate your children on what rehab is and why you need it so that they have a better idea of why you need to go there every day. They may not understand it at first, but you need to be patient with them to warm up to the idea of seeing you getting better.

Here is the golden “Seven Cs Rule” that your child should always keep in mind when you are going through rehab:

I didn’t cause it.
I can’t cure it.
I can’t control it.
I can take better care of myself
By communicating my feelings,
Making healthy choices and
Celebrating me.

It’s never easy to leave your children every day, but it is for the best of the whole family. Being sober will free up your time, energy, and money to share with your family and make sure your children grow up in the best condition possible.

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