What Should I Expect After Finishing Rehab?

Finishing rehab is a significant milestone on the path to a life free from addiction. However, recovery is a daily commitment and requires a lifelong journey to maintain it. Some days will be hard, especially closer to recovery. Most relapses occur within the first six months after rehab. It’s essential that you adhere to the action plan created with your addiction support team before you leave rehab and return to the “real world.” It will be imperative to use your tools and community and avoid your triggers.

Life will be different after rehab as you adjust your lifestyle, routines, and social circle. It might seem lonely or boring at first, but there are plenty of entertaining activities to improve your quality of life that don’t include drugs or alcohol. Going to the movies, learning a new skill, or beginning a big project are all ways to spend time without exposure to substances.

After addiction recovery, participants are strongly recommended to find recovery meetings, like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, to connect with the local community who understands what you’re going through. Additionally, the 12-Step process reminds people of their powerlessness and tells them to rely on a higher power for accountability, support, and motivation.

Recent rehab graduates are also encouraged to continue individual therapy, creating opportunities to dig even deeper and keep working to understand the underlying issues that lead to addiction in the first place.