How Would You Describe A Typical Day During Rehab?

Every addiction treatment facility will be slightly different. However, most follow similar schedules and include the same types of programming.

Mornings will most likely begin early. Don’t expect to sleep in and laze around! After a healthy breakfast, there will probably be a group session, taking the form of a community meeting led by a therapist or a 12-Step style meeting.

After lunch, intensive therapies will begin. You’ll have some combination of individual behavioral therapy, group therapy, specialized treatment for other issues in your life, such as depression, anger, or stress, family therapy, or alternative therapies, including art or music therapy, dance or equine therapy, biofeedback or neurofeedback appointments, and exercise or yoga programs.

Afternoons often include a few hours of free time. You’ll be able to spend time alone with your journal or meditation practice. Group activities such as ping-pong, football, basketball, or kickball frequently occur as well.

After dinner, another 12-Step meeting will be available, which you’ll be strongly encouraged to attend. These meetings play an important role in forming sober connections and developing a new support system.

Lights out will be at a relatively early hour as sleep is an essential part of all aspects of addiction recovery. Plus, you’ve got to wake up early the following morning.

For specific schedules and program options, contact the facility you’re considering and ask. Addiction specialists would love to help determine if their programming is a fit for you and your needs.