How Does Rehab Differ From A 12-Step Program?

Both addiction rehab programs and 12-Step programs aim to address the heart of substance abuse. They include a holistic approach to the situation, including looking for a person’s triggers, changing the ways one interacts with the world, and encouraging the development of a robust and sober support system.

However, inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery programs offer even more comprehensive treatment than is possible in a 12-Step program.

12-Step programs are the perfect tool for those in the early stages of recovery or who have already gone through rehab or recovery before. These meetings provide a sober community and support from individuals who understand the experiences of other former, healing addicts. The opportunity to share, process, and rebuild in a safe place is compelling and healing.

Sometimes, addiction issues are more complex and intense than can be understood in short conversations and group situations. Furthermore, the multi-faceted care that comes from rehab settings can take the realizations further and ensure a more complete, sustainable recovery process.

It is common for addicts to need the attention and analysis of a trained therapist to fully work through their past traumas, mental health issues, and triggers. These addiction therapists can provide specific techniques to reprogram the addict’s brain and develop new habits. 12-Step meetings don’t have the resources to offer this kind of help or feedback.

Medical professionals can ensure the detoxification process is safe and provide medication and supervised treatment for mental health disorders that exist alongside the addiction, such as anxiety or depression. Individuals who detox alone and don’t treat their issues related to addiction risk relapse, further disease development, or death.

Alternative therapies, such as art therapy, music therapy, or yoga create opportunities to develop new skills and tools for processing. Talking is excellent and often one of the most beneficial forms of treatment. However, sometimes there are parts of the brain that you can only reach through more creative or spiritual modalities.

There is a place for both 12-Step programs and addiction rehab in the recovery process. However, without the tools, skills, and treatment provided from rehab facilities, addicts are less likely to find themselves successfully in recovery.