Heroin is a highly addictive substance, and many individuals find themselves in throes of addiction, even after the first use. If you or a loved one is using heroin, it is crucial to seek professional treatment from a Heroin addiction treatment center near you.

At Harmony Outpatient, we walk beside you through every step of the treatment process to ensure you can end your cycle of Heroin addiction and reclaim your life free from substance use. On top of this, our outpatient addiction treatment is designed to help you treat heroin addiction while still attending to family, work, and other responsibilities.

Read on to learn how we can help you start living free from Heroin use today! With compassionate care and the support of addiction specialists, you can live your life free from addiction and begin your journey to a brighter tomorrow.

What is Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is one of several opioid drugs that are popular for recreational use in the United States. As a depressant, heroin impacts the opioid receptors in a person’s central nervous system, which causes them to experience increased dopamine levels and a feeling of euphoria when using the drug. The way heroin impacts the reward center of the brain is the main reason why heroin use becomes heroin dependence very quickly.

Heroin addiction is especially dangerous because a person will begin to develop heroin tolerance, which means they will seek out larger and more frequent doses of heroin to experience the same high as before. This puts regular heroin users at a higher risk for overdose. As with other examples of substance abuse, a person should consider substance abuse treatment for their heroin addiction when they can no longer participate in their everyday life without regular heroin use.

What to Expect During Heroin Addiction Treatment

As is true at other addiction treatment centers, our heroin addiction rehab program at Harmony Outpatient uses a combination of medical detox and mental health services to help you begin your recovery process. Each of our treatment options is designed to meet the individual needs of each person’s heroin rehab journey.

Medically Supervised Detox

Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable and even fatal if faced alone. Opioid dependence can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and body chills when a person tries to stop use without support from a professional heroin rehab center.

That is why we at Harmony Outpatient offer a specialized heroin detox. A crucial part of heroin treatment is the option for medication-assisted treatment, where we help break your heroin abuse cycle while managing pain or discomfort. This is done through the supervised dosage of a partial opioid agonist like buprenorphine, which helps your body experience reduced cravings and manage chronic pain throughout the detox process. While this treatment is not a good fit for everyone, for the right individual, it can make a powerful difference in long-term recovery.

Mental Health Treatment

All of the programs at Harmony Outpatient emphasize understanding the root of addiction through various mental health services. All of our programs, including our intensive outpatient program (IOP) and partial hospitalization program (PHP), allow individuals to participate in various counseling options, from group therapy to individual and family therapy.

The goal of these therapeutic options in addiction treatment is to address the cause of your heroin abuse and help you develop healthier coping mechanisms when facing triggers in the future. This allows individuals to develop helping coping mechanisms when triggers and temptations arise in the future. While the detoxification process is important to recovery, mental health services ensure that sustainable sobriety is always kept front and center during recovery.

The Harmony Outpatient Difference

At Harmony Outpatient, our outpatient treatment programs are designed to fit the needs of each person’s unique battle with addiction. We offer you a private and convenient solution to your struggle with drug addiction so you can start taking back your life.

Reach out today to verify your health insurance coverage. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to recovery from heroin addiction. Call today!