If you are struggling with Ambien addiction, it can be hard to admit you need help. You are most likely already struggling with insomnia disorder, and a doctor has told you Ambien is less addictive than other drugs, but you still find yourself impacted by the addictive tendencies of this sleep aid. If this sounds familiar to you or a loved one, please know that help and effective Ambien addiction treatment is available. You do not need to fight this battle alone!

At Harmony Outpatient, we work hard to help you break your physical dependence on a clinical sleep medicine like Ambien so you can get back to living your life. Read on to learn how our specialized outpatient facility can help you overcome your Ambien abuse today.

What is Ambien Addiction?

Ambien is a drug that is used to treat insomnia, similar to other sedative-hypnotics like Xanax and Valium. When taking Ambien, a person’s brain activity is slowed, which can help the body in maintaining sleep. Because Ambien is a non-benzodiazepine drug, it was initially believed to be less addictive and, therefore, safer for individuals to take regularly.

However, it has recently been proven that a person can develop a physiological dependence on Ambien in as little as two weeks. On top of this, a person who is regularly abusing Ambien can experience adverse effects such as doing things they can’t remember, impaired driving, and suicidal thoughts. In severe instances of Ambien overdose, a person can experience dangerously slow breathing and heart rate or even fall into a coma.

As with other examples of prescribed substance abuse, Ambien addiction is exhibited when a person feels they need to take more and more of the drug to get the same effect or when they find themselves refilling the prescription medication more often than is recommended by their doctor. A person should consider substance abuse treatment when their everyday life is impacted by the need for regular Ambien use.

What to Expect in Ambien Addiction Treatment

Ambien abuse treatment can vary based on your need for relapse prevention and dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental disorders, such as anxiety or depression. No matter your preferred level of care, you should expect the following steps in Ambien drug abuse treatment at our facility:

Medical Detox

The withdrawal symptoms for those who abuse Ambien may be less severe than other drugs, but Ambien dependence is still serious and requires the help of medical professionals to overcome. A person who chooses to quit Ambien use on their own can still experience Ambien withdrawal symptoms like respiratory issues, acid reflux, and infections.

That is why Ambien detox is a crucial first step in your recovery process. With the help of our team of medical professionals, you can safely and comfortably break your Ambien dependence without having to experience any dangerous withdrawal symptoms. A detox under the care of medical professionals ensures that individuals are safe during the process and can even provide solutions that minimize pain and discomfort during the Ambien withdrawal process.

Mental Health Counseling

Mental health and addiction go hand in hand. That’s why it is imperative that an individual undergoes mental health counseling, no matter the level of addiction or their substance of  choice. Through conversations led by a licensed addiction specialist in either individual or group therapy, you are first encouraged to process the root cause of your addiction. By understanding what led you to drug abuse in your past, you can better understand how to avoid this path in the future.

We also work with you to help develop healthier coping skills when facing triggers in your life outside of the addiction treatment process. By integrating mental health counseling into your recovery process, you put yourself on a road to a sustainable recovery.

The Harmony Outpatient Difference

At Harmony Outpatient, all of our outpatient treatment options are designed to fit the needs of each individual’s personal battle with addiction. We offer you a private and convenient solution to your struggle with drug addiction, including those who struggle with addiction to sleep aids such as Ambien.

If you have additional questions about what it looks like to work with our team at Harmony Place, would like to verify your insurance, or would like to take the next step in receiving customized care, reach out to us at any time. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to lifelong sobriety.