Drug abuse can feel especially hard to face when you are struggling with addiction to prescription stimulants like Adderall. When a trusted professional prescribes the substances causing addiction, it can add a layer of complexity and frustration. Fortunately, help is available.

Our treatment team at Harmony Outpatient is equipped to help those seeking addiction treatment reclaim their mental health and get back on their feet again. Read on to learn how Harmony Outpatient uses customized outpatient programs and compassionate care to help you overcome your Adderall abuse today.

What is Adderall Addiction?

Adderall is one of the most commonly prescribed drugs used to treat attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). As a stimulant, it can also help a person struggling with depression or anxiety caused by ADHD. But many individuals choose to abuse Adderall without a prescription because of its ability to suppress appetite and increase energy and focus.

Adderall addiction occurs when a person develops a physical and emotional dependence on Adderall through repeated use. As is true for other substance abuse cases, a person should reach out to treatment centers in their area when they can no longer participate in their everyday life without Adderall use.

What to Expect in Adderall Addiction Treatment

Each Adderall addiction treatment program varies based on a person’s need for relapse prevention and dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health issues. Our outpatient treatment center at Harmony Outpatient is designed to help you commit to your family and professional life, all while participating in daily treatment practices.

No matter your preferred level of care, you should expect to participate in the following:

Medical Detox

Because substance abuse involves a chemical dependence on a drug, Adderall withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and even deadly if faced alone. A person who struggles with regular Adderall abuse can experience seizures, heart failure, aggression, and paranoia if they try to stop without professional support.

That is why medical detox is so important at the beginning of your rehab center treatment. Our staff at Harmony Outpatient will help you safely and comfortably break your cycle of Adderall addiction by removing any harmful substances from your body and helping you begin addiction treatment with a clean slate.

Mental Health Services

After medical detox, the goal of substance use treatment is to address the cause of your Adderall abuse and develop healthier coping mechanisms moving forward. With the help of our team of mental health professionals, you will participate in a variety of therapeutic options, where you can face the negative thoughts that have led to past addictive behavior in a safe space. You will also work on facing triggers without drug abuse in the future.

Other counseling services like group therapy encourage you to develop positive relationships with other people who are struggling with Adderall addiction so you can learn from each other’s experiences throughout the treatment process.

The Harmony Outpatient Difference

At Harmony Outpatient, all of our outpatient treatment options are designed to fit the needs of each individual’s personal battle with addiction. We offer you a private and convenient solution to your struggle with drug addiction.

Talk to one of our treatment providers today for more information on what to expect within adderall addiction treatment, and how Harmony Outpatient can help you find sobriety that lasts a lifetime. We look forward to hearing from you soon!