No matter where you are in your addiction, help is available.  At Harmony Outpatient, our treatment centers are designed to care for both the person struggling with substance abuse and their impacted family members.

If you or a loved one are facing substance addiction, you do not need to take this journey alone.  With the help and support of our addiction treatment professionals, you can start the journey to sustainable sobriety. Through our focus on outpatient addiction treatment, you can commit to your family and professional life, all while participating in daily addiction treatment. 

Read on to learn how Harmony Outpatient can offer you the drug addiction help you need to begin recovery today.

What are Substance Abuse Disorders?

Substance use disorder is a chronic disease characterized by dependence on drugs and alcohol. Substance abuse that requires both mental health services and clinical treatment for a person to achieve recovery. A person’s substance use is considered a problem when they cannot go through one day without drug or alcohol abuse and their behavior causes harm to themselves or others. Addiction can also hide in plain sight through a person’s alcohol use or prescription drug addiction.

If you have lost sight of the negative consequences of your substance abuse, it might be time to consider reaching out to a treatment center near you.

Substance Use Disorders and Family Members

Addiction not only affects an individual struggling with substances, it impacts their entire family! Because mental health and drug abuse are directly connected, it can be hard to figure out how best to address your loved one’s drug abuse. A person experiences altered brain function when they struggle with drug addiction, which may make them act in strange and unpredictable ways.

Whether your loved one is battling opioid addiction or alcohol abuse, it is important to remember that they will need to take the first step in the treatment process. You can help a person struggling with substance abuse by researching which treatment programs would best support recovery for them, but ultimately it is up to the person abusing drugs to seek drug addiction treatment.

How Long are Drug Rehab Programs?

The goal of drug rehab programs at Harmony Outpatient is to help you manage withdrawal symptoms and develop healthy coping skills in place of substance addiction in the future. This process ranges depending on the needs of each individual and can range from 30 days to several months. No matter how long you spend in professional addiction treatment, keep in mind that recovery is a lifelong commitment.

The length of your stay is most determined by your need for mental health support and your risk of relapse. For example, those enrolled in a dual diagnosis program receive behavioral therapies designed to address both mental disorders and substance use at the same time. This process requires intensive monitoring of a person’s prescription medications, which may take several months to work successfully.

Additionally, a person who does not have strong support groups outside of addiction treatment is more prone to relapse, and therefore they may need to seek treatment longer. Our team of addiction professionals will work directly with you to ensure you are receiving the right level of care and support while prioritizing sobriety that lasts.

The Harmony Outpatient Difference

At Harmony Outpatient, all of our outpatient treatment options are designed to fit the needs of each individual’s personal battle with addiction. We offer compassionate support and comprehensive care to provide you or your loved one the best chance at recovery. For more information, call (561) 342-5604 or contact us online. Your journey to lifelong sobriety is just a phone call away.