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Harmony Healing Center is a substance abuse treatment program in Delray Beach, Florida. It offers affordable, flexible care to both court-ordered and self-referred clients by way of a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and a standard outpatient track for adults. After an initial assessment, clients begin an individualized treatment plan that combines group and individual therapy using evidence-based methods—such as CBT and DBT—as well as the 12 steps. Additional support is available for clients with co-occurring disorders.

The facility caters to clients who need treatment but also want to maintain work, school and family commitments. Treatment hours are flexible, with sessions available on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday between 9 am and 9 pm and Tuesday and Friday until 5 pm.

This PHP is designed for clients who need highly-structured treatment, running Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm. The IOP consists of three group sessions a week for three hours each, Monday through Friday, offered in the evening to accommodate individual schedules. Upon completion of one of these programs, clients can transition to the standard outpatient level of care, which entails one session of individual therapy a week. Clients are also expected to attend regular 12-step meetings throughout treatment.

The staff consists of LPCs, CADCs, and additional Masters-level counselors.

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Seeking treatment can be a difficult decision, but it doesn’t have to be. For patients with milder forms of addiction, outpatient programs can eliminate many of the objections to treatment. Some addictions to drugs like heroin or longstanding alcoholism can require inpatient detox. Inpatient programs are necessary when there’s a very high risk of relapse. Patients who are a danger to themselves or need stabilization should seek inpatient care before they can develop the self-motivation for outpatient care. Those with other co-existing conditions such as depression or PTSD often need inpatient care for adequate attention and treatment. Medical needs also require inpatient care.

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Frequently Asked

The decision to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is not an easy one. Congratulations on taking this first step toward the road to recovery. We are here to offer guidance and support.

The right program for you will be dependent on your addiction and your risk for relapse. We recommend you connect directly with our addiction specialists in order to determine what level of care is the best fit for your needs. Keep in mind that for many individuals, multiple programs are needed for lasting recovery.

If you are uncertain whether you or a loved one could benefit from addiction treatment, check out our Guide to Spotting Addiction. This guide is an excellent resource and can be used as a conversation starter for any individual who needs a compassionate push towards formal treatment.

Yes. We have found that mental illness and addiction are intricately linked. Because of this, all of our addiction programs are equipped with mental health professionals who lead individual and group therapy. These healing practices help those recovering from addiction get to the root of their substance abuse.

Check out our full list of Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about the treatments offered at Harmony Healing Center. If you still can’t find what you need, reach out to us directly. We are happy to answer your questions about addiction recovery, and support you along the journey.

Outpatient treatment is an especially effective solution for young people who still must go to school. Their addiction may not be fully established, which makes a less intensive program more appropriate. It also teaches skills that can help young people adapt to the challenges of early adulthood. Outpatient therapy offers support groups that allow young people to find healthy, sober friends who will be good influences.

Working adults who have families and employers who depend on them may also find it too difficult to get away for a full inpatient program. The beauty of an outpatient program is that it allows working adults to maintain their responsibilities while still getting the treatment they need and deserve.

A crucial part of successful outpatient treatment is preparing for your sober future. Support groups and dry living environments are fundamental in remaining substance-free. Most traditional inpatient programs have well-established support groups and transition to sober living facilities after completing treatment. However, outpatient programs can offer the same benefits. You don’t ever have to suffer alone in the battle against addiction.

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