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Harmony Healing Center offers outpatient treatment using specialized therapies created for sustainable health and recovery. Our drug and alcohol treatment center in Delray Beach, FL, is led by a clinical team of psychiatric and counseling experts dedicated to helping every client suffering from alcohol and drug addiction and mental health issues in a compassionate and welcoming environment. Start treatment at a Delray Beach rehab with Harmony Outpatient today.

About Harmony Outpatient Treatment Centers for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Delray Beach FL

Harmony Healing Center is one of the top treatment centers in Delray Beach, Florida, and for good reason.  We offer affordable treatment to both court-ordered and self-referred clients through a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and a standard Outpatient Program (OP) track for adults. After an initial assessment, clients begin an individualized treatment plan that combines individual and group therapy using evidence-based methods—such as CBT and DBT—as well as the 12-step program. Additional support is available for clients with co-occurring mental health disorders.

Delray Beach Rehab

Family Centered Program

We provide a structured family program educating families on how to best help their loved one suffering from addiction.

Delray Beach Rehab

Personalized Treatment

We rely on innovative, solution-based treatment programs custom-tailored to each client’s individual needs and goals.

Delray Beach Rehab

Aftercare Recovery Program

We encourage clients to participate in our aftercare program following a treatment program for relapse prevention.

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Our Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Your level of care will depend on the severity of your substance abuse and your risk of relapse. We recommend connecting with one of our addiction specialists in Delray Beach, FL, to better understand what type of addiction treatment program is the best fit for your unique needs. Our programs offer personalized treatment plans so you can receive the exact level of support you need, no matter where you are on your recovery journey.
Delray Beach Rehab

Partial Hospitalization Program in Delray Beach, FL

Our partial hospitalization program caters to clients who need a higher level of care than standard outpatient addiction treatment can provide, though not as rigorous as a residential rehab program. While in PHP, clients meet Monday through Friday from 9 am to 3 pm and are fully immersed in treatment for substance abuse and/or mental health disorders through a structured, comprehensive addiction treatment curriculum.

Delray Beach Rehab

Intensive Outpatient Programs at our Treatment Center

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for those who need a transitional level of care as they step down from residential treatment and those looking to supplement their recovery. Clients in IOPs meet three to five days per week, depending on the needs of the individual. Day sessions run from 9 am to 12 pm M-F, and we offer three evening sessions from 6 pm to 9 pm on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to accommodate clients who work during the day.

Delray Beach Rehab

Outpatient Program for Substance Abuse Treatment

Our outpatient treatment program is a lower level of care compared to our intensive outpatient program. Clients in our outpatient program meet one to two times per week in the day or evening. Outpatient addiction treatment provides ongoing clinical support as clients continue to build in the 12-step recovery program or adjust to everyday life after transitioning from a higher level of care. This is our most flexible program with the lowest level of care.

Treatments and Therapies Offered at Harmony Outpatient

No two substance use disorders are the same. Everyone has a unique set of challenges, strengths, and obstacles to achieving long-term recovery. That’s why the treatment options at our Delray Beach rehab programs include a wide variety of effective therapies.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone under our care gets the individualized help they need in order to recover.

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is one of the most effective approaches for helping people overcome substance use disorders. This evidence-based treatment involves targeted medications that can relieve many of the symptoms of substance use disorders, combined with behavioral therapy approaches that teach people how to maintain sobriety.

Several different medications have proven effective at helping people overcome drug and alcohol cravings, lingering withdrawal symptoms, and other concerns common among people with substance use disorders. Harmony Outpatient’s Delray Beach rehab offers several different medications with MAT, including:



Buprenorphine, also known by the brand names Suboxone and Subutex, is a partial opioid agonist medication that can make a dramatic difference for people in recovery from opioid use disorders. This medication targets the same receptors within the brain that opioids do — but to a much lesser degree.

People who use buprenorphine as part of a medication-assisted treatment plan tend to experience far fewer cravings and find that withdrawal symptoms resolve more quickly. They are also more likely to stay sober.


Naltrexone is a medication that acts as an opioid blocker. It is used in the treatment of opioid use disorders, alcohol use disorders, and even stimulant use disorders. Naltrexone can help diminish cravings for all of these substances and significantly reduces the risk of relapse.

This medication comes in two main forms: a pill that people take every day or a once-per-month injection. An additional benefit of naltrexone is that it acts as an opioid blocker. For people struggling with opioid use disorders, naltrexone can act as a type of relapse insurance: When they are taking their medication as prescribed, opioids will produce no effects. This can help people to avoid the temptation to relapse.


Acamprosate, also known as Campral, is a medication developed specifically for people with alcohol use disorders. This medication works by stabilizing the central nervous system, which is often overexcited in people who have been drinking excessively for long periods. Studies have shown that people who take acamprosate are less likely to relapse, particularly when they are also receiving substance use counseling services.

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is another form of talk therapy used in our Delray rehab center that is remarkably effective for treating substance use disorders. DBT uses many of the same principles as CBT, but it also incorporates elements of mindfulness, acceptance, distress tolerance, and emotional regulation that can be incredibly beneficial for people who aren’t successful with a CBT approach.

The key difference between DBT and CBT is that DBT acknowledges that some people simply cannot change certain thoughts, behaviors, or emotions. Instead, they must learn to accept them, to not react to their emotions rashly, and to find comfort in uncomfortable situations.

Motivational enhancement therapy, also known as motivational interviewing, is one of the most effective forms of treatment for substance use disorders. Rather than attempting to teach clients new ways of thinking or behaving, motivational enhancement therapy focuses on building each client’s individual strengths in their recovery.

In a motivational interviewing session at our Delray Beach rehab, a client works with their therapist to solidify their values, determine their own needs for treatment, and create a plan of action for their recovery. This style of therapy is inherently collaborative, not prescriptive.

However, inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery programs offer even more comprehensive treatment than is possible in a 12-Step program.

12-Step programs are the perfect tool for those in the early stages of recovery or who have already gone through rehab or recovery before. These meetings provide a sober community and support from individuals who understand the experiences of other former, healing addicts. The opportunity to share, process, and rebuild in a safe place is compelling and healing.

Sometimes, addiction issues are more complex and intense than can be understood in short conversations and group situations. Furthermore, the multi-faceted care that comes from rehab settings can take the realizations further and ensure a more complete, sustainable recovery process.

It is common for addicts to need the attention and analysis of a trained therapist to fully work through their past traumas, mental health issues, and triggers. These addiction therapists can provide specific techniques to reprogram the addict’s brain and develop new habits. 12-Step meetings don’t have the resources to offer this kind of help or feedback.

Medical professionals can ensure the detoxification process is safe and provide medication and supervised treatment for mental health disorders that exist alongside the addiction, such as anxiety or depression. Individuals who detox alone and don’t treat their issues related to addiction risk relapse, further disease development, or death.

Alternative therapies, such as art therapy, music therapy, or yoga create opportunities to develop new skills and tools for processing. Talking is excellent and often one of the most beneficial forms of treatment. However, sometimes there are parts of the brain that you can only reach through more creative or spiritual modalities.

There is a place for both 12-Step programs and addiction rehab in the recovery process. However, without the tools, skills, and treatment provided from rehab facilities, addicts are less likely to find themselves successfully in recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and other 12-step groups have helped millions of people achieve abstinence and live healthy lives in recovery. We provide 12-step facilitation to help clients to engage in these groups. This approach includes teaching clients the principles of the 12 steps, helping them find meetings and groups that they can thrive in, and encouraging them to apply the lessons of the steps in their everyday lives.

At our Delray Beach drug rehab, 12-step facilitation with a trained addiction professional not only helps people overcome their substance use problems in the short term but also sets them up with a support network that can facilitate their recovery for a lifetime.

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Your journey to recovery starts here at our drug and alcohol treatment center in Delray Beach, FL. If you or a loved one is ready to pursue substance abuse treatment, we are here to offer support. From partial hospitalization to intensive outpatient care for drug or alcohol addiction, we offer addiction treatment services that cater directly to your needs.

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Frequently Asked

The decision to seek treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction is not an easy one. Congratulations on taking this first step toward the road to recovery. We are here to offer guidance and support.

All major insurance companies are required to offer some level of coverage for substance use treatment. Visit our Verify Insurance page to find out whether Harmony Outpatient accepts your insurance.

Only a mental health professional can diagnose a substance use disorder. But if you are losing control over your substance use, cannot quit on your own, or continue to use despite negative consequences, you may need professional treatment to overcome your substance use problems.

The length of a treatment stay depends upon several factors, including addiction severity and the rate of progress made during treatment. Typically, longer treatment stays are associated with better long-term outcomes.

By the time you’re asking the question, the answer is likely now. The motivation to change can be fleeting, so it’s best to start treatment as soon as you’ve decided that it’s time to make a change.

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